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madden mobile
madden mobile the game

Madden Mobile is one of best game in last time. It is great possibilities to takes place simultaneously in the role of coach and both players American football. The game is a fantastic representation of Madden NFL 2017, which is devoted to computers and game consoles. If you want to start game, you will select one of the NFL teams and play it all season. Initially, we choose new young players in draft and then train every day, so as to play and win matches against best teams in NFL.

Of course, we can play online, which makes even more fun. Who do not want to beat best friend? Probably nobody. So, if we manage to qualify for the play offs to play on. All the time we are fighting for the title. All these things you will learn through with our tutorial. Be the best it is not easy, but it is possible, if you have great tool and think a lot of, how to do this.

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Madden Mobile Hack – important things

If you want to get best level in Madden Mobile Cheats you must to get rewards in game. If you want to have best team in game, you must know all basic rules. If you have a lot of benefits, you will be the best player. So, our team want to share our way to be the best. We really love American football, watch this league a long time, and talk a lot of about this, so we think that we understand how to play, and how to be the best.

You must remember – in American football always one team is attacker, and second is defender. On board coach have fifty three players, who share on three formation – defensive, offensive and special team. In team, we have punter, strong defenders and kicker. We must have balance from all formation. It is one of most important things in game. In game, team changes side after every quarter, when one team starts off with a kick, the second starts the game after the break, in the third quarter. You must remember about one of most important rule in game – First Down.

How it is working? It means that the attacking team has four attempts for it to beat the ball from a distance of ten yards. So, if any team fails after three attempts to go ten yards, and distance is too great to risk a shot at fieldgoal, when the pitch goes punter and try to kick to send the ball as far away from the end line. If any punter hit the target, team get three points. It is probably best way to win every match.

In game team can get one to six points:

  • 6 points after touchdown – when player with the ball exceeds the end line and keep it in his hands, team get this points
  • 3 points for fieldgoal – kicker can get this after shoot between two post
  • 1 point – after touchdown

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