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Clash Royale hack is one of the best multiplayer games. This game has the Royales and the characters from Clash of Clans. Your goal is to upgrade your cards which have the clan troops, defense systems and spells. You get to fight with Knights, princes, dragons and a lot more. Your hob is to battle in real time and knock down Princess and King from their individual towers and win over your enemies. Wining will not only get your treasure and trophies, but also you will get glory and crown in the battle Arena. You can start a clan and start your own community to take on others.

In this game you can enjoy real time duels, earn treasures, unlock new rewards and collect new cards to give your unit strength. You will have to destroy opponents base whereas you will need to take care of you own base by setting up proper defensive strategy and troops. You will have to win through multiple Arenas in order to move up in the leader board. You can even test your deck in friendly battles amongst your clan. Try and learn newest of the moves, build new combination of units and try and defeat your enemies as fast as you can.


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If you are really fan of strategy games, then you might not find a better game than this. Although this game is available on store for free of cost, but there are purchases that you will need to make in exchange of real life currency. You will need to collect coins, gems, chests and elixirs to progress swiftly in the game. So, if you are not able to play hard and win it all, you can buy your way in using your real money. Either way you can show your mental ability and strategy in the battlefield to the world.

clash royale hack free gems

Currencies of the Clash Royale


Gems are the primary currency of Clash Royale. When players first download the game, they start with 100 Gems. Additional Gems can be earned in-game by completing Quests and Achievements, by opening Chests, or can be purchased with real money. They can be used to unlock chests instantly, buy Gold and Chests, and more.

Gems can be purchased online from the shop for the following amounts: (All amounts in USD)

  • 80 Gems for $0.99
  • 500 Gems for $4.99
  • 1200 Gems for $9.99
  • 2500 Gems for $19.99
  • 6500 Gems for $49.99
  • 14000 Gems for $99.99


  • Players can skip the time required for opening of Chests with Gems. Every 10 minutes worth of the remaining unlocking time (or part thereof) which is skipped requires 1 Gem.
  • Players can buy Chests, Cards, and Gold with Gems.
  • Players can also start Challenges and Tournaments using Gems.

Why do you need to use a hack for Clash Royale?

Being one of the most popular games, many players across the world are addicted to Clash Royale. They desire to play the game for hours at a stretch so that they can easily beat the enemy troops and climb to the top of the leaderboard. However, this isn’t as easy as it seems to be. To continue winning battles against the enemy troops, players need better troops, armory, bases, etc. for themselves and these can be had in exchange of gold, gems, and elixir. Though a limited amount of these resources are provided at the very start of the game as well as during the game, the amount of resources provided is quite less than what would be required for a steady progress in the game.

Not only that, gems can also be used to unlock chests that contain gold, cards, coins, etc. Though these resources can be easily acquired in exchange of money, most people wouldn’t like to spend real money for playing a game. For this very reason, the Clash Royale hack has been developed. Though gems are available from in-app purchases they are pretty expensive as evident from the aforementioned list. So Clash Royale hack gems are very much in demand all over the world and by using the Clash Royale hack apk players can get Clash Royale hack gems free. Gold can also be generated from the Clash Royale hack along with gems. They are much required for higher levels and also for upgrading the cards. The Clash Royale hack provides the necessary gems and gold totally free for those who cannot afford it, thus giving a fair chance to all players. And since one can get unlimited resources by using the hack tools, there is no need to wait for hours to get the necessary resources to progress in the game.

Description of Clash Royale hack

If the word hack unnerves you, then it is important to understand that these hack tools are nothing but simple cheats that are built for the benefit of the players. You don’t have to hack into any system personally, nor do you need to be aware of the technicalities that are involved in the process. Clash Royale hack tool originally decrypts game code and creates a backdoor that allows adding unlimited resources to the gaming accounts, thus enabling the player to gain large amounts of gems or gold that one desire, that too without having to pay any real money.

clash royale hack apk

Highly-dedicated teams work on various numbers of programming languages like PHP, Ruby, and Python just to make this work smoothly. The hack tool s make sure that the procedure they use to hack into players account and add resources looks like the user is connecting t the game server. Unless this happens, the game will detect the intrusion and the account will be banned. Every hacker keeps this in mind and develops their hacking tool to replicate the same process of connecting the game server and thus making the procedure safe in any way possible.

Whether one is using iOS or Android device, the work of the tool does not fluctuate at all. The hack works independent of the device you are using and it works that way, thus making it the ultimate way to gain resources that you would otherwise have to pay for.

What you can get with the Clash Royale hack?

With the use of the hack tool, you will be able to get the following resources for free.

Free Gems: Gems are the hard currency in Clash Royale and can be purchased in exchange of real money or obtained from in-game activities like completing quests and achievements, opening chests, in daily deals and from special challenges. However, with the Clash Royale hack gems tool, the player can get any number of gems without having to complete any of the tasks mentioned above. These free gems can then be used to buy gold, chests and cards, skip the waiting time for opening chests, and start challenges and tournaments.

Free Gold: Gold happens to be the secondary currency in the game and can be used for a variety purchases like buying cards, creating a clan, purchase epic chests, etc.  Getting unlimited gold for free will undoubtedly help speed up the gameplay and enhance the gaming experience as well.

Free Elixirs: With the use of elixir, one can easily place cards during a battle. If a player needs to reach the top position in the leader board, it is quite evident that he/she will have to wage and win a number of battles and this can only be possible if one has enough elixir to spend every time one goes into a battle. Getting unlimited elixir for free will eliminate any constraints that the game developers may want to place on the progress of your game.

Features of Clash Royale hack

Clash Royale hack is a resourceful tool and works online. Here are the most important features:

  • 9% Up-time: What good would be a hack if the players cannot use it any time they want? To ensure that players can take benefit of the hack tool any time of the day, the developers have ensured that the tool works perfectly 24*7 with practically no down time. This makes it convenient for players across the world to use the hack any time they want.
  • OS independent: The hack tool developers have ensured that anyone and everyone out there can benefit from the hack. As such, the hack is supported both by the iOS and Android platforms and can be utilized to its full potential without any sort of a glitch.
  • Fast to use: The hack tool can be swiftly downloaded to your device and is quite easy to use. The generator interface is very simple and the resource allocation procedure is quite fast so that you do not have to wait too long to get what you want.
  • Anti-ban features: The hack tool comes with the latest anti-ban features that ensure that no suspicious activity is noticed by the game developers and your gaming account is safe at all times.
  • Regularly updated: The hack tool is updated from time to time to provide a seamless and convenient experience to gamers at all levels.

Steps of hacking

The usage of the hack is pretty straightforward. For using the Clash Royale hack, these simple instructions should be followed:

  • Download the apk and install it.
  • The player’s username is to be entered. It should be noted that the username is case sensitive.
  • The user platform or the current device is to be selected.
  • The amount of Gold & Gems the player wants to generate is to be set.
  • The amount of cards the player wants to generate is to be set. The cards are however all epic cards. There is little chance for a legendary card to appear.
  • Once the Generate button is clicked and the procedure requires little time to finish. Human verification is necessary to complete the process so that the user can be protected from bots, spam and all kinds of abusive usage. After the verification, all the demanded resources will be automatically added to the player’s account when he/she logs in again after refreshing.

Do Hack Tools Work?

Though there are hundreds of hack tools available online for Clash Royale players, not all of them are a good pick. You have to be very careful in the choice of the hack tool and that’s where the Clash Royale hack apk comes into the picture. The programmers who developed the Clash Royale hack tools provide full assurance that the coding is really sophisticated and they keep the tool updated on a regular basis. They make sure that, the hack tool takes all the counter measures to whatever new updates the game developers come with. Thus players get almost 99.99% of guarantee of hacking the game as long as they want.

Not only that, the hack isn’t like many other scams and cyber traps that exist online and try to misuse the information provided by the gamers. The developers understand the plight of the fellow gamers and so strive to provide the best solution that they can to help out gamers across the world. This ensures that the gamers do not have to go through any hassle at all but still have free gold and Clash Royale hack gems free in the quickest and easier way possible.

Tricks, tips, and important strategies for the game

If you search on internet, you will get a lot of resources which might be really useful for you to progress in the game. It is a common thinking amongst the player that they will need to buy gems and coins or get them other way around in order get ahead in the game. But the truth is these are not the only ways to get on top of everyone. There are actually legitimate ways to get ahead in the game and those are available on the fan pages and Wikipedia for you to explore and utilize them according to your need. If you go through these pages, you will find useful tips, strategies and tricks which might come really handy not only in progressing in the game but also in going ahead of your competitors. Every single strategy is well tested against the fixed scenarios and you can surely take help of them but still if you do not feel like going through all those hard work you can get the Clash Royale hack apk mod tool and get unlimited Clash Royale hack gems free.

Clash Royale players are simply addicted to winning and that’s why a few useful tips from experienced players are provided below to make the gaming experience more fruitful:

  1. Although this is a very common practice to take of the defense first, but the truth is you will need to attack to win the game and to reach the top. SO, instead of making sure no one is able to attack your towers, it might be a better idea to strengthen your own attack and make sure that the enemy is on the back foot.
  2. Distracting your enemies is an art and you can always employ this using the chat box that you will have. You can send a funny message or an emoji to distract your enemy while you keep on attacking his base and destroying his towers under his nose. This might seem to be funny but might prove to be a good idea while having a hard battle.
  3. When there is 1 min left on the clock, you must start collecting the elixirs form the enemy base.
  4. You will need to know the perfect combination of cards in order maximize your attacks as well as defensive abilities.
  5. Strategies are not something that can be made in one day. You will need to test them and edit them in order to make it a perfect one. With time and experience you will become a lot sharper and your strategies will get better for sure.
  6. You can use the Clash Royale hack but it should be used only for the fun purpose rather than using it all the time. There is a automatic flow of the game and you should always try to avoid these hacks and stay with the flow of the game.

More tips and strategies in Clash Royale hack

  • It is important to maintain a balance amongst the units from the very beginning. So, it is advisable that you may not take the strongest of the side which will cost you a lot of elixir instead a mix of them might help you win a lot easily.
  • Whenever there is an attack on your tower and in case you lose it, do not panic at all. Keep yourself steady, gather your troops and strategies and you shall stand tall the next time
  • When there is 1 minute remaining on the clock, do not just push all your units in the battlefront. Proper strategy might work in a better way as the towers in the opponent’s territory will be well protected specially the tower if King.
  • Make sure to test your battle units in advance, so that you can mix match to combine them in a lethal unit.
  • Always remember to take troops which are really fast. And remember to take these units while attacking: units good against the air defense, unit that will be able to destroy the towers and the defense deployed for the towers.
  • It is always important to choose units according to your choice of fighting style. If you like to fight aggressively, you might want to take fast and attacking units, whereas if you prefer to hold your ground and attack, then a defensive unit might suit you. But then again, choosing your units depending on the opponents’ base is a good idea.
  • You need to know how quickly you can regenerate your elixir otherwise you won’t be able to perform well while attacking your opponents.
  • It will be really wise for you that you wait till your elixir meter reaches max before you start playing your cards.
  • You need to cover your troops with proper combat units so that they don’t get injured in the battle that easily.
  • It is obvious that you need to look to destroy the towers of your enemy. Once you are done with that you can always go ahead and clam your victory easily.
  • Keep an eye on the tower energy. Once it is significantly down, you can engage your troops for other places, as that tower can be taken down with just a fireball.
  • Deploy your defenders with strategy. Like if someone is attacking with goblins, you might not need to attack them with fighters as they cannot cause much damage to your towers. So, this way you can save your resources and strategize your defense as well.
  • There are particular units that can destroy your towers quickly. So, the best strategy against them will be to put a building in front of them and use combat units to fight them off.

Should you use Clash Royale hack?

Before using the Clash Royal hack many gamers ask themselves whether it is fair to use it and whether their victory will be fair as well. It is important to respect other players and from an ethical point of view, it is also questionable.

Some online Clash Royale hack tools make the game unfair, letting the player skip levels or add some extra functions; however, this tool does not give the player any advantages except some very desirable Clash Royale hack gems free and Gold. Whether you use this tool or not you stand an equal chance to win. Someone’s expertise, skills, correct techniques, and good reactions can’t be replaced with this tool and these will always stay integral qualities for victory. What the Clash Royale hack tool does is it provides an equal right to participate for those who are buying Gold and Gems officially and those who cannot afford to pay for their Gems and Gold. This service is thus not an unethical cheating tool, but an equalizer that makes it possible to have full right to play this popular game without spending money.

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