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Free bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies used in the world. It is digitally used money and created with the help of cryptographic encoding. Unlike most other forms of online payment such as Webmoney, PayPal and so on, Bitcoins are not centralized. It also does not get influenced by the economy and geopolitical issues of the world.

Bitcoin was first introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto, a hacker, in the year 2009. It is generated by using a certain algorithm which allows for the creation of 21 million bitcoins. Out of the given figure, almost half has already been mined. This article discusses the best ways to make free bitcoins online.

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Getting started

Getting free bitcoin might actually be much easier than you have imagined, given that you are well aware of the different free bitcoin mining processes. Initially, you may not be able to get as many bitcoins for free as you desire. However, it can be a great way to start out with the mining process and get a hands-on experience.

If you have been wondering as to why anyone would want to give away bitcoins for free, the answer is very simple. It is to keep the economy running smoothly. Since many people are not much aware of the existence or uses of bitcoin, giving them away for free is the surest way for a healthy introduction of bitcoins in the economy and popularize its use as currency. This is also the very reason for the introduction of multiple giveaways and faucets for free bitcoin.

The most important transaction during the free bitcoin mining process is the sending and receiving of bitcoins to and from your wallet. There are also a few prerequisites you need to get acquainted with before getting started with the different methods of free bitcoin creation.

These have been mentioned below.

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What do you need to get free bitcoin?

  1. A bitcoin wallet

The important thing is to own a local or an online wallet through which you can manage the transactions for bitcoins. It is always better to have wallets of larger size such as the blockchain wallet available with a download size of 23MB or the Bitcoin-QT wallet. You can also manage online wallets from XAPO or Blokchain.info without the need to have anything downloaded into your system.

  1. Address of the Wallet

Together with owning a wallet, it is also important to use an address for your wallet, especially if you are using it online. The address of the wallet should be distinct. It comes together with the wallet page or the software you are using. These addresses are created using the strings with a special encoding and are found very easily.

  1. A computer or a mobile for the online browsing

There are various websites on the internet offering free bitcoin. However, to access these faucets, you need to have a device. Both mobiles, as well as personal computers, can serve well for this purpose. Each of the sites comes with its own specific instructions for free bitcoin generation. Both the mining and the collection processes are quite simple. If you want to increase the amount you have already collected, you can start by filling up the reCaptcha and starting anew with the bitcoin claiming process. You can do this as many times as you want.

  1. Selecting the right faucet

The amount of free bitcoins given out by various faucets is not always the same. While some tend to give a smaller amount, others huge giveaways and even lottery systems that can secure you large amounts in a single go. Therefore, it becomes necessary that you select your website with care.

How to get free bitcoins?

The entire concept of bitcoins and free bitcoin generation can sound quite confusing and mysterious to the newcomers. However, once you get acquainted with the process, it naturally becomes easier and more exciting, thereby allowing you to collect large sums without having to do much.

As mentioned above, you can claim your complimentary bitcoin from any of the faucets. You may not be able to collect huge sums all at once. However, you can channel your earnings so that they get accumulated over the time. There are many reasons why these sites give away bitcoins for free. The first is to attract new users to their website. It is quite an effective strategy to offer free bitcoins as it guarantees more users going back to as repetitive visitors. There might also be a few changes in the amount given away. Therefore, keeping track of the proceedings can turn to your advantage.

It should be noted that the earning for bitcoins given away by these sites come mainly through the displaying of advertisements. Therefore, you are not doing anything illegal by collecting the those bitcoins. However, you should be careful if there are some sites that claim to offer large amounts on a single go. More than often, they turn out to be fake sites and scams targeting to collect your info.

After you visit the preferred free bitcoin generator, enter your email address or the address of your bitcoin wallet. You will be required to enter the captcha so as to prove that you are not a robot. Once the free bitcoin generator has been linked to your address, you can straight away jump to the bitcoin claiming part. In some cases, you might have to wait a bit, till your information gets verified. Depending on the sum to be collected, the withdrawal process can take anywhere from one day to a few weeks.

How to get free bitcoins for Windows?

There are many softwares that serve as a free bitcoin generator for windows. The Bitcoin Miner is one of them and is popularly used for increasing the total bitcoins by double or triple times almost instantly. However, the limitation is that the software can only be accessed once per day. You can use any type of wallet for the transactions. You can deposit the required amount and also make instant withdrawals of the generated amount.

The BTCinstant v7.2 is one of the highly efficient bitcoin generating softwares available for all to download. After the download and installation have been completed, you can connect it to the internet and start using it the right way. To deposit the desired amount, you will be required to send it to the particular address of the software. Following this, the money will automatically be doubled or tripled. Once the process has been completed, you can withdraw it right away. The maximum amount available for download on a per day basis is 2.40 BTC. The process can be repeated again after a period of 24 hours.

Different ways of earning bitcoins for free

  1. Receiving bitcoin in the form of payments

To receive bitcoins in the form of payments means you will not be required to go through any one of the more complicated processes as is mandatory in other methods. Therefore, adopting this method is the easiest way to get started with bitcoin collection. It also allows you to collect large sums in a very short time. Bitcoins are offered as a payment option by online businesses, as well as brick and mortar shops, specializing in both material goods as well as services. For this, you will have to go through the following steps.

  • Getting an online wallet for bitcoin

The business holders can get a wallet from Coincase, the most popular online bitcoin wallet provider. However, there are also various other reliable providers excluding Coinbase. For example, if you opt for LocalBitcoins, you will be provided with a wallet that can be used for a wide number of functions. You can see which wallet works the best for your business and opt for the same. However, you should also note that none of the wallets are entirely safe. Therefore, you should make an effort to be careful with your money at all times. It is advisable to store your bitcoins in multiple wallets so that even if something goes wrong with the wallet, you will not be losing the entire amount all at once.

  • You will need a QR code with the address to your wallet

Get a QR code with your wallet and have it placed alongside the register for cash money. When you open your wallet, you will see an option saying “receive money” or something of the similar sort. The QR code will be encoded with your wallet address. Therefore, whenever a customer scans the code through the app installed on the smartphone, the required payment in EUR or USD will be directly converted into the corresponding free bitcoin value and the customer will be able to transfer the amount directly into your wallet. The exchange rates are always accurate. Hence, you will have no reason to worry about losing money during the transaction. You will also receive a notification confirming your payment. Hence, the process is absolutely reliable and convenient.

If you are regularly receiving bitcoins for payment, you will also have the privilege of using a more handy feature known as “create payment request”. Through this, you will automatically be able to generate the QR code for the corresponding payment amount to be made by the customer. This can be more convenient on the customer’s side as he will not have to enter the amount manually.

You can put up a sign at the entrance reading “bitcoin accepted for payment”. This is a better way to attract customers preferring to make payments through bitcoin. You can adopt this form of payment for your goods and services anytime you want, regardless of the geographic location of your business.

  1. Complete online tasks and earn bitcoins

There are a lot of websites that offer bitcoins for completing micro tasks. The amount offered is not much. However, you are always open to generate your desired amount by visiting multiple sites. The tasks are absolutely simple. Most of the times, you are simply required to view advertisements for claiming the bitcoins. While watching these short clips, you may also come across something really interesting such as clips from a movie or likewise. There is, however, a drawback to this method and it is that while you will be investing a lot of time watching these clips, the amount offered is rather small. Therefore, if you want to spend your time in a more productive way, you may not like this method. Given below are a few sites that offer bitcoins for various small tasks.

  • Ads4btc

This website requires you to watch videos or check websites. You can simply click on the given advert and view it for 5 to 60 seconds. You will be given about 1000 Satoshi for every click. The reward given for this is not much, but if you repeat the same at least once every day, you will eventually be able to collect quite a substantial amount. This is also a very quick and easy way to get started with free bitcoin if you have not tried it out before.

  • Vidybit

With vidybit, you get free bitcoins simply for watching videos. You can compare the rates offered by multiple sites and settle for the one which gives the highest amount.


COINADDER is another one of the sites that offer free bitcoins for watching video clips. Although the amount rewarded is not much, it is a great way to earn the first few bitcoins for your wallet. On the other hand, if you are looking to adopt this method as a more serious form of payment, you should check the length of each video and decide upon the one that best fits your need. Aim at maximizing the earnings on an hourly basis.

  • CoinWorker

The CoinWorker gives you free money in exchange for completing analytical tasks. You will be required to open an account for managing the transaction. The amount earned through CoinWorker is much higher as compared to other sites.

  • Freedigitalmoney

This site rewards you for making purchases using bitcoins. The other advantage of using the free digital money is that you are also exempted from having to open a user account with the site. You can simply enter the address to your wallet and make your claim.

  • Bitfortip

Here you get free bitcoins for answering the questions put forth in different forums. This method can be more interesting as compared to the other as it brings the different bitcoin users together to discuss various bitcoin-related topics. The site transfers the rewards instantly. Also, the transaction fees are very small.

As can be seen from the above, earning bitcoins by competing for micro-tasks can be highly convenient and much easier to other methods of opting for free bitcoins. Although you cannot expect to secure a large amount all at once, you can stay consistent till the amount adds up to something substantial. It is also a great way to familiarize with the bitcoins. The frictionless transactions make the process even more interesting.

  1. Earning bitcoins through interest payments

This is applicable to people who have already collected some amount of bitcoins in their wallets. This method requires you to lend out the bitcoins and earn interest over it, very similar to lending out cash money. Given below are some of the ways in which you can do this.

  • Direct lending

This involved lending out your free bitcoin to someone whom you know personally. The advantage of direct lending is that you will be able to place trust on the borrower in regards to the transaction. You can set forth your preferred interest rate, mention a duration and you are ready to go. The drawback with this method, however, is that you will not have too many borrowers to match your conditions for the interest rate and time duration.

  • Peer to peer lending websites

There are many websites such as Bitbind that facilitate peer to peer lending. These sites display a list of borrowers who have their own funding requests. If you come across a favorable request, you can choose to either lend out the entire amount or contribute to the total sum, in parts. Diversifying the contribution among various borrowers can be very helpful in reducing the amount of risk involved with lending. This process works in a manner very similar to lending cash currencies. There are mainly two things which should be kept in mind while lending. The first is that you should make a careful assessment of the site and see if it’s trustworthy. Next, you should only lend if you feel the borrower is trustworthy.

  • Bitcoin banks

It may be wrong to call them bitcoin banks. However, they function in a manner very similar to real banks. These banking models allow you to make deposits and offer interest on the same. However, like every other method, this one too has its own pros and cons. The advantage is that they come with a very low level of risk. Hence, you will not find the necessity to diversify your lending between various borrowers. They also have a fixed rate of interest. Therefore, you can simply make your deposit and get free bitcoin on a regular basis without making any effort on your side.

The disadvantage with this method is that you will be dealing with a single borrower that is the bank. Therefore, if the bank fails to manage their transactions efficiently, you may lose your bitcoins all at once.

There is always a high chance for this to happen, mainly because these banks make their investment in assets, most importantly loans. You are not insured against your deposits. So if anything were to go wrong along the way, you are likely to suffer major losses.

Although lending is a very easy to get free bitcoins with the amount you already possess, you should take note that this method is only reliable as long as you are lending out to a reliable site. These sites have their own requirements, terms, and conditions. They also make their contact details and incorporation statuses public so that you may have a proper assessment before dealing with them. Also, it is advisable to lend out only the sum you can afford to lose.

  1. Free Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining is a process that generates new bitcoins instead of carrying out transactions with the already existing ones. This process adds the details of these new bitcoins to the blockchain, which is like a ledger for public use that stores information about all the bitcoin-related transactions. The bitcoin mining process searches for new blocks ad whenever the computer comes across a new block, a certain amount of bitcoins will be transferred into your account. The number of BTC contained in a block changes frequently. At present, it stands at BTC 25. After every four years, this number decreases by a factor of 0.5.

However, it should be noted that bitcoin mining can be very expensive. The process can be very intensive and requires an extensive knowledge related to the hardware. This is also the reason why many miners prefer to join a mining pool rather than carry out the mining single-handedly. There are many mining pools. One of the most notable is BitMinter. This site rewards you with free bitcoin when you complete certain computing tasks for them. Therefore, this process allows you to earn bitcoins without the need to set up your own bitcoin mining farm.

There are large communities who prefer to earn their bitcoins in this manner. The process is very much reliable and also rather interesting as compared to other methods. Apart from earning new bitcoins, this process also allows you to meet people with extensive knowledge of bitcoins and the technology surrounding it. However, you should note that free bitcoin mining is a very time-consuming process and not applicable for people who do not have an in-depth knowledge about the hardware, the technology involved in bitcoins or those who are unable to calculate the profitability of the mining process.

  1. Receiving bitcoins through tips

This method is very similar to receiving bitcoins for payment. The vital things you require for getting started with the process is a bitcoin wallet and a QR code embedded with your bitcoin address. The other important thing is to have people who are willing you pay your tip through bitcoins. Given below are a few places where you are likely to receive bitcoin tips.

  • If you already own a shop with bitcoin as a form of payment, you also have a better chance at receiving bitcoin tips. With Bitcoin as a form of payment, you also have a better chance at receiving bitcoin tips. You are not required to set up a new wallet or create new QR codes. Simply check the total amount you have collected during the day and make assessments to see if you have collected any extra amount.
  • A shop is not the only place where you get to collect tips to earn bitcoins for free. Owning a blog or a website can be sufficient for this. Put up a QR code towards the bottom of the page with your bitcoin address embedded into it. This will allow your visitors to tip you with whatever amount they desire. This method is quite common among the bloggers.
  • There are various online services that provide you with bitcoin tips. Bitfortip is one of them. So keep an eye out for these online services.
  • You can also print small vouchers with a certain amount of bitcoin balance in them. You can hand it out to the customers for a change. They may either choose to keep the voucher and use it later as a form of payment or offer it as a tip to your employees. This method can be successfully applied in restaurants and the vouchers can be printed with the help of a website known as bctip.
  1. Trading

Trading is another one of the very popular processes for acquiring free bitcoin. There is often a little misconception about trading and gambling being the same thing. These two methods may have a few things in common. However, they also have their own set of differences. Gambling is quite simple to explain and involves the possibility of either winning or losing. However, trading is much more complex than this.

There are many ways in which you can trade your assets using free bitcoin. The safest and the most reliable method up until now has been to use arbitrage. Here, you can look up assets and make a purchase using bitcoins. Then you can immediately sell it at a higher price. Therefore, you get an opportunity of earning an instant profit without having to worry about stagnation.

However, it is not always as easy as it sounds. The first hurdle is to find valuable assets and then look for the favorable customers. Then, comes the access restrictions and the varying speed of the transfers. You should always take care to check the prices across various platforms before starting a deal over any asset. The Bitcoin Stack Exchange is one of the best places to get started on the thread. You should note that if you are opting for arbitrage, you should be able to make instant bitcoin transactions. If the transactions take more time than expected, it can take a direct toll on the profitability. Bit4coin is one of the few sites that offer a very good speed. You are also not required to sign up which can make the arbitrage quicker and easier for you. However, this entire method requires you to have a good knowledge about the values of different assets available for exchange and the ability to execute the exchanges in the smoothest and the most profitable manner. Therefore, it is advisable to start with caution. You are also required to have a good skill for speculation, so that you can sell your assets at the most profitable rate. The trick to emerge successful with bitcoin trading is either good luck or the ability to make very accurate predictions about the future are for the different assets. There are many people who are able to recognize the patterns and earn quite a lot through trading. However, for people who are not much specialized in the process or are unable to calculate the odds, it can be highly risky and very similar to gambling. You can analyze the proceedings of the past so as to learn how to make speculations and calculate the future odds.

  1. Accepting bitcoins as regular income

This is the smoothest way to start earning bitcoins. There are not a lot of organizations who pay for the services received in bitcoins. However, if the organization you are working for does, you can ask to be paid in bitcoins. If the acceptance increases, it can also become the general form of payment. There are many employers who prefer to get paid in bitcoins. If this is the case, they are also more likely to pay their employees in bitcoins. Even if you are working independently, you can always establish a system where you get paid in the form of bitcoins. There are many places where you can earn in bitcoins. Listed below are a few of the programs that allow you to find a job paying in bitcoins.

  • Bitcointalk Forum Services Section

This site has a listing of jobs that pay you in bitcoins. A large number of these jobs can be tackled within a very short amount of time and therefore can the perfect way to get your hands on bitcoins.

  • Jobs 4 Bitcoins on Reddit

This site mainly lists out the jobs for programmers. However, these are not all programming related jobs. Therefore, you can still browse through the list to see if you come across anything worthwhile.

  • BitGigs

This site has a very wide range of job listings. The diversity makes it really amazing as compared to other sites.

  • Coinality

This site uses a slightly different method for pointing out the job listings. It basically relies on a map and shows you the different locations with job offers. This can be much more convenient for people looking for a local job in nearby areas. It can also be very interesting when you see the numbers grow over time.

XBT freelancer

The XBT freelancer mainly displays jobs based on software. Therefore, you need to have IT or programming related skills. If you have the expertise in these fields, it can be the easiest way for you to start earning bitcoins.


bitWage functions in a very interesting way. Here, the clients and the employers can be from any part of the world. The invoice can be sent and received from the EU, UK or USA and you are strictly paid in bitcoins for the services offered. This can be a great starting place for people who are highly enthusiastic about bitcoins.

  1. Gambling

Although gambling is not the safest way to earn bitcoin for free, it is a necessary inclusion on this list so as to make it complete. Although many people are not very positive about gambling, others tend to make quite a lot through it. Many people indulge in bitcoin gambling simply for the sake of fun. So if you are doing it as a hobby, try placing small but diversified bets. This will make reduce your chances of losing money. Even if you do, you don’t suffer huge losses. Looking from this viewpoint, bitcoin gambling can be more promiscuous as compared to casino gambling, where you cannot place a bet with simply a cent. However, the fact that free bitcoin is highly divisible makes it possible to start out with a small amount that you can readily afford to lose. Then you can gradually work your way up and amass large sums.

There are many popular websites for free bitcoin gambling. One of them is Satoshi Dice, created by Erik Voorhees. This website is also quite unique as it allows you to play even without visiting the website. You can simply send your transactions to a particular address offered by the gambling site. They will then place the bets for you and notify in case you win anything. Apart from the Satoshi Dice, there are various other websites that allow you to gamble on casinos, slots, pokers and more. A lot of these sites have faucets through which you can collect your free bitcoin rewards. However, instead of simply relying on the faucets, you should work on developing skills that can help you acquire larger sums in a short span of time. Whether it is relying on your intuitions or adopting tested winning strategies, you should look at ways to earn large sums in a quicker or easier manner. This is the greatest virtue in gambling. However, irrespective of how skilled you are in gambling, it always counts to be a little cautious so that you are not at the losing end. If you are interested in gambling, carry out a bit of research about the different strategies applicable for different games.

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Other Fun Ways To Earn Free bitcoins

There are also some fun ways in which you can acquire bitcoins for free. You should remember that the amount of bitcoins offered here is very small and not positively profitable. However, it can be a great way to pass the time while also learning more about bitcoins.

  1. The blockchain game

This is by far the most interesting way to earn free bitcoins. It can be operated on various platforms, including iOS and Android. The sign up is a very quick and simple two-step process. You are simply required to hand in your email id and your bitcoin address and you are all set to go. This game is very challenging and fun. It can also start getting addictive after a point of time. They give payouts every week. However, you should note that it also shows a lot of advertisements as it is the major source of income for them. As you progress to higher levels, you will also be paid in larger amounts.

  1. Pop Bubbles

This is another one of the fun games for bitcoin generation and is available for androids. It is almost like playing a slot machine. You will be required to amass three stars after which you will receive payouts for each additional star. This game has lesser advertisements and therefore lesser distractions as compared to Block Chain.

  1. Read Books

This is another one of the interesting ways to earn free bitcoin by reading classic books. It keeps you engaged and helps you learn while also offering bitcoins for free. This site works very similarly to a faucet. You may not be able to earn a lot at once, but the earnings can gradually add up over time.

  1. Roll and Ball

There are two versions available for this game, the ones with 10% and 40% advertising. There are different difficulty levels. Since there are no time limits, you can play the game as long as you want. You will see that a video plays out at each level. It is through this that you are actually earning your free bitcoins.


People get involved with bitcoins for a number of different reasons. However, once you get the hang of it, it can be difficult to stop. If you know where to look, there are multiple promising areas for free bitcoin generation. Although bitcoins may not appear profitable right away, it is the most popular cryptocurrency. The other great advantage is that it can be broken down into as many parts as you want. Therefore if you are clever enough, you may try marketing with bitcoins. Since it is not limited by the micro and macroeconomic conditions or geographical and political issues, bitcoin can be much more profitable than dealing with cash.

Once you have acquired your fair share of bitcoins, you can put them in investments or start your own business with bitcoins. It could either be a business for goods and services or you could also start a website related to bitcoins.

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