Pokemon Duel – which of us do not know anything of this anime?

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Pokemon is probably one of most popular anime on world. A lot of us watched Ash’s and friends journey, and a lot of battle for getting new monster, or win badge in tournament. We have chance to watched a lot of monsters with the different types – natural, water, fire, air or electric. For many children become a Pokemon trainer would be one of biggest dream in life. Probably everybody want to live like Ash Ketchum from Alabast, but not everybody have chance to do it. Of course – nobody. However – all of us have one small chance to feel like Pokemon’s trainer. It is playing to Pokemon Duel Hack – newest game, which created by HEROZ studio.

Few words about game

Pokemon Duel  is mobile strategy battle game for Apple iOS and Android. Game was created on rules from figure “Pokemon Trading Figure Game”. Game was in free-to-play mode, but if we want to get more capabilities from playing, we can use micropayment system. The story begins when led by our coach arrives which enjoys great popularity among tourists artificial Island Carmont. The ambition is to become a hero tycoon hospitality industry, and the best method of doing this is to conquering the battle Pokemon tournament. Most important thing in game and also main prize is in fact an act of ownership of the most luxurious hotel on the island, known as the Jewel Tower. Basically in Pokemon Duel Hack is sixth generation of Pokemon, launched by issued in 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS game Pokemon Y and Pokemon X.


why pokemon duel is good game

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how to play pokemon duel

How to have fun from game? It is great question!

Pokemon Duel is strategy, which based on a slightly simplified rules original board games. Fun comes to a rolling turn-based battles using Pokemon Duel figures. On start adventure, we have only a  few specimens of the simplest and during the game slowly attach to our collection of new types, each of which has different skills and special moves. It is reason – for me – why to play. All time we have chance to improve our skills, and be better. During the battle we control unit composed of up to six Pokemon. Both sides start on opposite sides of the map, and between them is a grid line defining traffic routes form. The winner is sider, which was the first to lead at least one figure to the starting, of course. So, if we have this information about game, we must planning our way to victory – not only plan for attacking, but also blocking the way to the opponent. It is such an important information. Get this, and be better!

Game modes in Pokemon Duel

The game have few modes to playing. On start game, we have single mode, company and also virtual battle with other players. Trust me – single mode is one of best in all games, which I played. Game’s creators make a lot of work for this game’s aspect. For me – artificial intelligence – is best in Pokemon Duel Hack. I see it is well refined with small things.


Why you should to play – few reasons

Even that collecting miniatures is not the same as catching Pokemon (like in Pokemon GO). Players can choose to fight against the six figures – as well as in Nintendo’s games on consoles. The game itself, however, does not have much more in common with cult Pokemon. Each figure in Pokemon Duel Hack has other statistics, so we should have control of this. Player’s task is to defend its territory on the map and take a designated area of the opponent. All battles can roll with your computer of with other players. Micropayment help improve your team and it would be enough. There is no magic and this is a rather jump on the money. We are team, which do not want to pay for playing. We are all time looking for better chance to playing without. So, we created Pokemon Duel Hack, like alternative for classic way in game. It is a chance for so many players to play with full capabilities without micropayment system. If you want to play free, check this out!

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