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Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games in recent weeks. Issued by the Japanese studio Niantic game has gained incredible popularity, thanks to the presence of augmented reality technology, known as AR. By using a camera and a GPS signal is registered in the world, on which are applied to the virtual creatures, that Pokemon. This allows you to search, catching and capturing your favorite monsters. After adding creatures to Pokédex we have the opportunity to carry out battles with other trainers these creatures. Before our eyes meet, so the dreams of hundreds of thousands of kids who dreamed about it, to become like Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town and be the best coach in the history of Pokemon.

What is the game?

GO Pokemon is a game devoid of the classic film storyline. The aim of the game is primarily a catch as many title monsters, training them and issue to fight on special arenas. The gameplay is quite different here than it does in the case of conventional production. The game is designed for mobile devices, with access to the Internet. They send information using GPS signal, displaying both locations creatures. The aim of the player is to traverse the real world, finding a variety of Pokemon and catching them!


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What can we expect in the game?

First of all, the classic 150 Pokemon, which will be possible to catch in their natural environment. Bulbasaur is to meet almost exclusively in forests and meadows. Squirtle will be stationed in and around the seas, rivers and oceans. With the basic location information we give ourselves a chance to catch your favorite Pokemon. At a time when we will no longer face to face with the unknown monster will count our efficiency and patience. The key is for precise targeting Pokeball and putting the customs line. Then we give yourself a chance to catch your favorite creature.

How to effectively develop the game?

The development in the game is one of the most important elements for trainers. It helps maintain the sense of the game, at the same time, constantly raising the bar. One of the measures our level in the game is level. Our level, as a Pokemon trainer. In the case of joint interaction with colleagues can count on a regular basis to compare what the level of our play in the game. Experience in the game is acquired relatively quickly. However, this process can be effectively optimized.

Basics in Pokemon GO

A key element is the development of object known as Lucky Egg. They are obtained at 9,10, 15 and 20 may also be redeemed by PokeCoins. Giving 80 virtual coins, we enjoy a unique egg. Using Lucky Egg can count on increased experience for a period of 30 minutes. We can use this item in a slightly different way. In which? We can raise your level catching classic, the most common Pokemon, such as Podgeye, Caterpie and Weedle. To evolve the Pokemon just use 12 candies. For every time we get to catch Pokemon 3 candy given species. If you send your Pokemon to the professor we can count on the fourth. It is clear from the fact that after catching three birds or worms, make evolution. In the course of performing calculations must take into account the evolution of each it is equal to the recovery jedngo candy. After completing those are twelve, we can count on one in gratisie. Candy can also be added through our application Pokemon Go Hack.

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Now there is nothing else to go hunting. Catch Pokemon, count the candy and monitor how evolution proves to be sufficient. Using Lucky Egg can count on double the amount of experience points. Instead of the classic 500 exp, we get 1000. There is one key element of the performance of evolution – you should do them early in the morning, or late, the evening times. Then the servers are not especially heavy. This allows you to perform up to 60 changes in just 30 minutes. The efficient conduct of the process of evolution may be associated with profit 60,000 experience!

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