How to use map Pokemon Go?

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pokemon go fight

Pokemon Go is a most popular game in last months. In the game, used augmented reality, new version of mobile game. Game’s map is whole world, so as to get Pokemon you must have especially map, which can you show, where is monster! On smartfon, we will see Pokemon found in our area. It is possible, because we have GPS signal. Map is very simple, so everybody can take a lot of capabilities with that. We can turn map what we want. At the same time our two fingers can take a lot of information on location. Enough click.

Map show our avatar with pulsing circle. We can click everything, what we see, so as to get action – for example visit PokeStop or catch Pokemon.


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Most important things on map:

  • Gym (Arena) – here, we can fight with other Pokemon
  • PokeStop – here, we can get items
  • Pokemon – monsters show in different locations, so you must be prepared all time!

On map, we can see pink things near PokeStop. Probably random player used Lure Module, which can lure Pokemon on this place through 30 minutes. In night can change color on grey or blue. It is a funny element, which is not give a really change anything in game. If you want to get Pokemon in this situation, check our new module – Pokemon Go Hack. You can read a lot of information, which change your level in game. It is especially program. Our team work hard on last months, so as to give players new thing.

pokemon go map

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