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Brawl Stars is game, which created by Supercell, one of best games producer in whole world. Finnish company was born in 2010, and at the moment employ 180 employees. Studio got popular on whole world, when released games like Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Clash Royale and Boom Beach. Many of them become a greatest hits on mobile device. On this day in AppStore or Google Play – both Clash of Clans and Clash Royale is true leaders on most popular game list. So we want to show our way to play… we want to show Brawl Stars Hack APK.

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Brawl Stars Hack Online – one of the most anticipated games

After big success of older games, the creators want to make new title. A lot of work, and really sacrifice we want to show Brawl Stars Hack Online – the newest game from Supercell. In my opinion, the game can be the most popular title in world. Why? It is simple – Finnish company is a guarantee quality. So, our team want to show best way to be the best in game. After two edition on beta test, we have a lot of information about game, which we want to share with you.

Brawl Stars is game for Android system. It is simple action game, with MOBA elements. Really fun from game is multiplayer mode. There is mode, which can play in few alternative system. Players can choose between heroes with special equipment or heroes with unique abilities. In game, fight mode have arcade character. We can use heroes with ability like shooting, throw grenade and plant a bomb. The action in game we observe from camera, above head our hero. We have two control system. First – with virtual game pad. Second – after touch screen, we choose place, which our hero will going. To aim, it is necessary to draw a line from the form to the target, and the shot occurs when we stop touching the display. Activation of special abilities requires charging the appropriate power strip, which we fill by killing enemies.

Game’s mode – which you will choose?

The game offer four ways to play in multiplayer mode. Probably, every player think about this – which mode is best for me. Check this out and choose:

  1. Bounty – it is mode, where we collect stars for our team through eliminating opponents. However, we must be careful – and not to be eliminated. The team gets more stars wins the match. It is simple.
  2. Heist – in this mode, one team protect safe, and another team try to rob it. After round, team change role.
  3. Smash and Grab – mode, where fight two 3-person team, which try to get crystal on map.
  4. Battle Royal – it is hardcore opportunity for every player. In this mode, ten player are thrown onto the map and the game is played until only one remains.

So, in game every player find right way. Of course, you can change modes, when you want to do it. With Brawl Stars Hack you can try to find best way to satisfaction level.

Another big thing with Brawl Stars Hack Tool

Every game have heroes. For me – they are important guys, because we control him or her all time, when we playing, and decide about another movement. So, if you want to have fun from game, you should check our list:

  • Poco – is a guitar skeleton that kills by melody. His special ability is to treat teammates.
  • Ricochet – his balls bounce off walls – it is unpredictable for rivals!
  • Mordis – his deals damage by hitting the shovel. His special ability to quickly hit the opponent.
  • El Primo – it is tank with 1200 Healthy Point! Compared to the Royal Giant.
  • Neda – is big bear, with 1200 Healthy Point. Recalled bears may inflict injuries, but cannot collect loot from them.
  • Spike – a cactus with ability throws spikes.
  • Crow – is a little boy, which have super abilities that allow him to quickly return to the arena. He can also shoot a kind of missile that causes injury in time.
  • Bo – character who fights a distance, shoots with arrows. He have special ability to throw bombs into an area that explodes after a moment. Positive character.
  • Jessie – is a common brawler, who can place a turret when you use her Super that has medium health and damage.

It is really hard choice, but in game, you can change hero. So, you have a lot of time to find best hero for you.

Brawl Stars is new mobile game from Supercell, who created once upton time games like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. Game was created in free-to-play version. It is real-time strategy video game, which published official June 14, 2017. Supercell announced the game via livestream video on Youtube. It received and iOS soft launch in the Canadian App Store the following day. Today, we have game in other countries.

Brawl Stars Hack – a lot information about game

With Brawl Stars Hack everybody can be the best, and win a lot of trophies. Why? Because players are ranked by their level. Also, in game, like Clash Royale cards, come in four rarity types: Legendary, Epic, Rare and Common. There are currently fifteen brawlers in the game, and only two legends. So, if some player open Brawl Boxes to get new brawlers and also have occasion elixir is found in brawl boxes. Elixir is used to upgrade brawlers. It is one of most important thing in game. Players can join bands to play alongside other players. So, it is a great reason to have strongest player. So, player can join bands to play alongside other players. Brawl Stars have four different modes – Smash and Grab, Bounty, Heist and Showdown.

Short characteristic for all modes


First mode – Smash and Grab

Smash and Grab is probably best chance to play on high level. It is game mode, where players try to collect crystals. There are things, which spawn from a mine in the middle of the map once every five or six seconds. Each player’s crystal count is displayed on the top of their name. Also, if a player with crystals is killed, they drop crystals, and the crystals can be collected by another player on either team. So, in Brawls Stars the objective is for a team to collect ten crystals, and if a team does so, a fifteen second timer is activated. So, remember if the team crystal count drops below ten within those fifteen seconds, gameplay continues as a normal match. Team can fight for another ten crystals. The timer starts again from fifteen seconds.

Second mode – Bounty

Bounty is game’s version to play 3 vs 3 team deathmatch game mode, where every play want to kill players on the other team. The more kills a player has, and also higher their bounty. It is not perfect. Why? Because if player with a large bounty is killed, that player’s bounty is given to another player that killed them. So, each team of three players is either red or blue, and each teams spawns on their own side of the map.

Third mode – Showdown

It is another way to play in Brawl Stars. It is only one game mode not played 3 vs  3. It is deathmatch mode with ten players. During the game, the map is getting smaller, smaller and smaller. So, the last player standing wins the game.

Fourth mode – Heist

Heist is also mode player 3 vs 3. One team has a safe which they try to defend. So, one team tries to break open the safe in one minute nad thirty seconds.

Camera in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is game, in which camera will be above head. We have a lot of heroes, which have special statistics, abilities and equipment. Every hero have special abilities, like using pistol gun, or throw grenade, and also get bomb on plant side. The game will offer an arcade gameplay style. Two control system will be available. One will be based on a virtual pad. The second mode will be a bit more complicated – by touching the screen, we will point to the place to which our character is going to go outside. So, in game you will need to draw a line from the character to the target, and fire will occur when we stop touching the display.

Special… in Brawl Stars

Activation special abilities in game requires charging the appropriate energy bar, which will be filled by killing enemies. The mode will be followed by a development system that will allow us to improve the combat potential of the character. In game, all elements related to the characters will be modeled on the MOBA, but the gameplay itself will be taken from network shooters.

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