What is heart of vegas free coins? how to dodge casino slots?

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People have dreams of going to Las Vegas and visiting a casino and most of the time that dream ends with hitting a big jackpot. Unfortunately, this dream remains a dream only because people never find the time or even the money to book a trip to Vegas. This dream of playing on a slot machine and hitting a jackpot can now be fulfilled by sitting in the comfort of the person’s very home, thanks to the game Heart of Vegas free coins.

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Heart of Vegas was launched by ‘Product Madness’ in the year 2013 and has created a lot of buzz in the gaming world. It reached the top 10 games spot on Facebook in a very short time. It is a slot machine game, and with out of the world graphics and technology by ‘Product Madness’ and ‘Aristocrat’, the game provides real-life feelings. It works just the way any slot machine in a casino works and one needs to collect Heart of Vegas free coins to proceed in the game. It almost creates the same amount of adrenaline rush that one has while playing on a real slot machine at any casino in Vegas. The excellent graphics and easy user experience have helped the game in getting two million players from all over the world and counting. Heart of Vegas was initially launched only on Facebook, but as the game started garnering immense popularity, the game was later launched on Android and iOS platform. One of the key reasons behind the success of this game is the realistic graphics. The game creates an atmosphere almost similar to the one in any casino in Vegas in the player’s mind.

What bothers the players?

As they say, nothing is perfect and this game also has some flaws. One of the biggest problem that one faces while playing this game is collecting the free coins. Heart of Vegas free coins is really difficult to collect. There are very few ways to collect the coins. One of the ways to get free coins is by answering some questions which are posted on the official page of Heart of Vegas on Facebook. Another way to collect the coins is to wait for the monthly and seasonal bonuses, but that is a true test of patience. On top of that, the monthly and seasonal bonuses provide very few coins. So the wait is really not worth it. One can also buy free coins, but it is not a very good idea to waste one’s hard earned money on a simple game.

heart of vegas slots free coins

It is not possible to proceed in the game without the free coins. So people often quit playing the game because they simply lose patience while collecting the free coins. But, there is no need to get disheartened as there is another way to get the free coins so that you can continue playing. One can get Heart of Vegas free coins by using the free coin generator.

Why use the Heart of Vegas free coin generator?

The free coin generator is nothing but a hack which helps one to get free coins that can be used to play the Heart of Vegas game. The question may come to one’s mind that why do people need to use this free coin generator? Well, the answer is very simple. As mentioned earlier, it is not possible to go ahead in Heart of Vegas without getting the free coins and unfortunately, one has to wait for a long period of time or answer some really tough questions to get the free coins. So, if one is really eager to play the game and one does not have the patience to wait for such a long time one needs to use the free coin generator to get the Heart of Vegas casino free coins. One can collect as many coins as one wants and play the game to one’s heart’s content.

The free coin generator is very easy to use. There are many free coin generators available on the internet. One can download the free coin generator or can also use it without downloading it. One can use the coin generator to get the Heart of Vegas free coins while playing the game online. Just simply put the game id and select the number of free coins that the player wants. The free coin generator connects to the Heart of Vegas servers and adds the coins to the game account.

With all the cyber crimes happening all over the world, one may hesitate to use this hack and get worried about their online safety. But there is no need to worry. The generators never ask for any personal information or the permission to the access to any information. It is perfectly safe to be used. If one is being asked about any other information other than the game id, do not proceed with that as it can be a fake one and giving the information can lead to hacking of the online accounts. Therefore, to get Heart of Vegas free coins only use the coin generators which do not ask for anything but, the game id.

Heart of Vegas Casino slots free coins really works?

The coin generators help one to collect free coins so that one can continue playing Hearts of Vegas without any interruption and the best part is that it does not charge anything for the service. Now one may wonder, that how is it possible that it does not charge anything? Well, the answer to this question is that every popular game has a game community of its own. The work of this game community is to make sure that more and more people play the game and reach the higher levels so that the game has a long life. So, the community comes up with different hacks so that people do not stop playing the game just because they cannot pass a level. In this case, the community of Heart of Vegas has come up with the coin generator so that players have access to Heart of Vegas free coins. The service is provided for free because if a person is ready to spend money on the game they can simply buy the coins in the game itself. For people who are not ready to spend money on the game, the coin generator boosts up their desire to play the game by providing them with free coins with which they can continue playing the game.

heart of vegas casino free coins

The Heart of Vegas is played in almost all the countries in the world and the coin generator can be used to get Heart of Vegas slots free coins in any country all over the world.

The coin generators are compatible with all the versions of the game. Heart of vegas free coins android version is also available which can be used to get free coins while playing the game on android platform. Similarly, the coin generator can also be used while playing the game online or on iOS platform.

Other ways to get Heart of Vegas free coins

As mentioned earlier, it is simply not possible to proceed in the game without the free coins. Now one may not feel comfortable in using the coin generator to get Heart of Vegas casino free coins. In that case, one may adopt one of the following ways to collect the coins so that they can continue playing Heart of Vegas.

  • The easiest way to collect the coins is by collecting the daily, monthly or seasonal bonuses given in the game. The problem with these bonuses is that it generates very few coins and one has to wait for long periods of time before collecting these bonuses. The wait makes one impatient and gradually one loses the interest to play the game.
  • There is a daily bonus wheel option in the game. One can spin the wheel one time each day to get free coins. The number of free coins one will get depends a lot on the luck. One may end up getting only two or three coins and the worst part is that one can only spin the wheel one time each day. So one will have to wait for twenty-four hours before the gamer can try the luck again. This method requires both patience and luck to get the free coins.
  • There is a fan page of Heart of Vegas on Facebook and one can collect the Heart of Vegas slots free coins by completing the live events posted on the page. But, these events are often quite tough and it is also not possible to keep a check on the page all the time.
  • Another way in which one can collect free coins is by adding friends. Each time one adds a friend on Heart of Vegas, an additional bonus is given. One can send his or her friend’s free coins and they can also return the favor. The problem lies in the maximum number of friends that can be added. One can only add up to twenty-five friends and there is also a limit on the number of coins one can send as a gift and also on the amount that one receives.
  • Last but not the least, one can get Heart of Vegas free coins by playing other games like “Fortune Firecracker”, “chili” and “More of Hearts”. Additional free coins are added to the gamer’s Heart of Vegas account once one reaches a certain level on these games. Again, this method is very inconvenient as playing the other games take up a lot of the time and most importantly, one may not be able to pass the levels in these games.

All the above-mentioned methods require a lot of endurance. Using the coin generator is much faster and better way to collect the free coins and continue playing the game. There is no need to worry as these generators are completely safe to use and they are also compatible with all browsers and operating systems on which the game works.


Heart of Vegas is a really addictive game. The great graphics give the player almost real life feels like a casino in Vegas. The great diversity in the game machines is another factor which appeals to the players very much. No doubt that the makers have put in a lot of hard work in making the game. But, they failed in one aspect and that is the requirement of the free coins to proceed in the game and the ways in which one can collect them. Waiting for the bonus is not a very good option as it ends all the desire to play the game. While some people go ahead and use the money to buy the Heart of Vegas casino free coins, it is not a feasible option for everyone. Most of the people are not comfortable spending their hard earned money on a simple game, but it also really hard for them to deal with the addiction they have towards playing the game. For these people, the free coin generator is the best option that they can avail.

Heart of Vegas has quite a huge fanbase and after the game was launched on iOS, Android and other platforms it helped in spreading the game more. The initial way in which one had to play the game through Facebook only was not attractive enough to many people. But after the launch on another platform more and more people started playing the game. As the number of players increased the need for coin generators also increased. And as a result of the Android version also came into existence and gave rise to the need of Heart of Vegas free coins android. One can download the game from Amazon, Google Play Store, Apple Store or simply from the web. It is can be played on an Ipad, iPhone 4 and up, PC, Mac or on an Android phone.

The game has received much popularity since its launch in 2013. The only complain that players have regarding this game is about the Heart of Vegas free coins. Fortunately, that problem can be dealt with the help of the free coin generator and one can play the game as much as they want without waiting for the bonuses or spending their money to buy the coins.

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